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Automatic Loan Payments

We all know how big of a hassle it can be to pull out everything you need to process your monthly loan payments.  There are home loans, auto loans, personal loans and several other types of loans that you have to pay down each month.  Then you have to wait for the payment to mail, or wait for the payment to clear.  Thanks to our automatic loan payment program there's an easier way to do things.

Now you can throw away your payment coupon book and have your payment automatically deducted from any savings or checking account! No more wondering about the due date of your loan payment, no more check writing, no searching for stamps, and no late fees! Your payment will be made on-time, every time! Just think of it as putting your loan on cruise control and having one less thing to do every month.  

Below is a link to the form you will need to complete to set up your automatic loan payment. Simply complete the information, and return it to your local office, the address listed on the form, or the fax number listed on the form.  We appreciate your membership at Co-op Services Credit Union!  If you have any questions please contact a Member Service Representative at 800.321.8570 ext. 200. 

Authorization Agreement for Automatic Loan Payments (ACH Debit - EFT)

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