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Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay is a convenient way to pay your bills - anytime, anywhere you have Internet access. Use Online Bill Pay to make one-time or recurring payments, schedule future payments or to make multiple payments from an easy-to-use payment screen. Simply make five payments per month, and we'll give you unlimited use of Online Bill Pay for free! You can also transfer fund to another financial institution and send a gift check.  Please note that a Co-op Services Credit Union checking account is required to enroll in Online Bill Pay.

Enroll by clicking on the Online Bill Pay icon inside of the Online Banking menu after signing on.
Not yet enrolled in Online Banking? Click “Enroll Now” under the Online Banking login in the upper right corner of this page.

     Try Our Bill Pay Savings Calculator Watch Our Bill Pay Demonstration 
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*A $5.25 monthly fee will apply to Bill Pay accounts with less than five transactions per month. A nominal fee is applied for sending gift checks, see a Member Services Representative for details.

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