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Visa Contact Numbers

Need to activate your ATM or VISA® Card?

Visa Credit Card (Inside U.S.) 1-866-839-3492
  (Outside U.S.) 1-727-570-4888
Visa Debit Card   1-800-466-0040

Have you recently lost or had your ATM or VISA® Card stolen?
If so, please call one of the following numbers immediately:

During Business Hours    
Visa Debit or Credit Card   1-734-522-3700 ext. 200
After Business Hours    
Visa Credit Card (Inside U.S.) 1-800-991-4961
  (Outside U.S.) 1-727-570-4811
Visa Debit Card (Inside U.S.) 1-888-241-2510
  (Outside U.S.) 1-909-941-1398

Visa Credit Cards
Here are a few additional Visa Credit Card phone numbers you might find helpful:

Balance & Information 1-800-522-8472
Benefits and Perks 1-800-847-2911
Dispute a Transaction 1-800-600-5249
E-Z Card Support 1-866-604-0380
  or 1-727-570-4889
ScoreCard Rewards 1-800-854-0790
Verified by Visa 1-800-857-3118

For general VISA® information or questions, call 1-800-522-VISA.

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