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Budget Counseling & Debt Management

Co-op Services Credit Union has partnered with Accel Members Financial Counseling. This service is a FREE benefit to members of Co-op Services Credit Union.

The Accel program features:
One-on-one Counseling
Accel counselors can help members understand their financial situation and develop realistic solutions to achieve long term financial security.

Educational Resources

Accel provides a wealth of easy-to-use educational resources and services including articles, videos and books for members. Accel also features financial literacy programs.

Full-service Debt Management Program
Accel offers a debt management program that can help members budget and pay on their secured and unsecured debt. The Accel counselors will work with your creditors to help you develop a payment plan and avoid collections.

Credit Report Review
Accel counselors will review credit reports with members to help them understand how to read them, variables involved in calculating the score and ways to improve their credit.

Click here to view the latest Accel Newsletter

Budget Smart
BudgetSmart is a new and exciting software program now available on our website. This easy-to-use software tool uses simple graphics, "pop-up" boxes and bar charts to help you manage your money more effectively. Click here to download your FREE budgeting software today!

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