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We offer a complete range of savings and investment accounts designed to provide a solid foundation for your financial future. Customize your accounts to fit your goals, choose terms and investment strategies that best suit your particular needs and get flexible, easy access to your funds. For additional security, your savings are also insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Regular Membership Savings Account
This basic savings plan is for all members (with a minimum deposit of $5) and is the basis for your membership. Enjoy the ease and convenience of accessing your Regular Share account whenever you need to through 24-hour Telephone Banking, ATMs and online banking. Dividends are paid and compounded quarterly, allowing you to earn competitive rates on your account. Once you have this account, all other savings plans are open to you. 
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Secondary Savings Account

Use secondary savings accounts to save for goals or specific needs. Save for education, vacations, holiday spending, a downpayment on a home, or whatever else you need to save for with separate accounts designated for your most important savings goals.
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High Yield Daily Account
With a balance of $2,500 or more, you can open a High-Yield Daily Account and receive a competitive rate of return while still enjoying the flexibility and convenience you need from a savings account. It earns daily dividends, paid monthly, with no penalty for withdrawal at any time. You can access your funds using our
24-hour Telephone Banking, ATM and online banking. If you want your funds to be liquid at all times, this account is for you. 
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Ultra Savings Account
The Ultra Savings Account earns a higher rate of interest than a Regular Savings or Money Market account, rewarding savers while offering financial flexibility. Don't like tying your money up for any length of time? No problem! Ultra Savings Account holders are entitled to three fee-free withdrawals or transfers per calendar month, after which a $5 per-debit item fee will be assessed per occurrence. This account not only pays a premium interest rate, but offers you the liquidity you need.
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Vacation and Christmas Club Accounts
Saving for a specific goal is easy and fun with our special Club accounts. These convenient accounts let you save gradually and earn dividends with no minimum balance requirement, no fees and penalty-free withdrawals. Members can use these accounts to save for specific things like Christmas presents, quarterly tax submissions, vacations, graduation parties and private school tuition. Whatever you have in mind, this is a good way to earmark certain savings for special purposes.  You can always withdraw the funds at your convenience. 
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Rock Star Savers Youth Accounts
Co-op Services Credit Union wants to help kids get in tune with their money by making saving a fun and educational experience. That's why we've developed Rock Star Savers – a program especially designed to teach kids that saving money, even a little at a time, can totally rock!  Anyone 11 years and younger automatically becomes a Rock Star Saver when they open a regular share account, with a $5 minimum deposit. Not only that but your first $5 deposit is matched for an extra $5 reward! All we need to get started is the child's Social Security Card, Birth Certificate and a qualified adult with proper identification to be named on the account(s).
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Nextgen Youth Savings Accounts
It can be tough for teens to pay for the stuff they need now, let alone trying to save money for what's next. No worries. We have a plan. It's called the Nextgen savings program. Developed specifically for teens (ages 12-17) this unique program gives nextgen members tons of options to manage their money. With a Nextgen savings account you'll get a personal savings passbook to keep track of balances and transactions. And when you make your first deposit – we'll spot you a $5 bonus!
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